Hi, I’m Alex!

Compassionate creative connections.



I’m a Singapore-based creative professional who works to cultivate meaningful connections between people, ideas, and stories. Guided by the drive to share the inspiration and wonder of those connections, I take on projects with a wide variety of artists and creators.

I created this website to learn WordPress, to organize and showcase my portfolio, and to develop new creative ideas. Have a look around and feel free to get in touch through the Contact page!

Aside from creative projects, I work remotely for Kinsta as Business Development Manager APAC, focusing on Japan and the broader APAC region. Kinsta is a globally distributed company that provides premium managed cloud hosting—the best, fastest, most reliable in the business.

I also manage Kusuki Pte Ltd. Kusuki is a private Singapore firm that provides international development consulting and creative services for businesses and artists. Kusuki is also established in the United States as Kusuki LLC.

Got a creative project or idea in mind? I’m available and I’d love to chat about it. Get in touch.




現在はクリエイティブプロジェクト以外、KinstaでBusiness Development Manager APACとして日本市場そしてAPAC地域に集中して事業開発に心がけています。Kinstaは完全リモートワークの会社で、業界最高、最速、最も信頼に足るクラウドホスティングを提供しています。

私はKusuki Pte Ltdを経営しています。Kusukiはビジネスやアーティストのために国際事業開発コンサルティングとクリエイティブなサービスを提供しているシンガポールの会社です。KusukiはアメリカでもKusuki LLCとして法人登録しています。



Born and raised in Los Angeles, Alex has also spent time in Boston, New York City, Saint Petersburg, Russia, and both Kanazawa and Kyoto in Japan before moving to Tokyo and then his current home in Singapore. With broad experience in media production and communications, Alex has produced live music events and FM radio, coordinated international tours and network television production, and worked with creative people to tell stories around the world. He is also a translator, interpreter, speaker, and cultural event specialist.

Graduating from Tufts University in 2011 with a major in Japanese and a minor in Mass Communications & Media Studies, Alex also studied at Kanazawa University in Japan and Saint Petersburg State University in Russia. Thriving in international settings, he holds the highest level of Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) certification, a B1 certificate in Polish language, and an MBA from Quantic School of Business and Technology.

Alex is fluent in Japanese, and conversational in Polish and Russian. Currently studying Polish and French. He loves music and the performing arts, as well as languages, cuisine, nature, technology, and travel.